Landlord's Protection Insurance


As an investor you expect your investment to be profitable. Your fire and general insurance should protect your investment in case of a fire or natural disaster, but how can you safeguard your profits from unexpected tenancy costs?

While our Property Management team applies strict criteria when selecting tenants, one type of insurance well worth considering is Landlord's Protection Insurance.

Landlord's Protection Insurance offers financial protection against the wrongful actions of tenants and can cover you for:

  • repair of malicious damage caused by tenants or their guests
  • loss of rent resulting from malicious damage
  • theft of the landlord's contents from the property
  • loss of rent following an abandonment or temination due to a breach of the tenancy agreement
  • legal liability cover
  • cover for the property being untenantable due to these events

Landlord's Protection Insurance can cost as little as a week's rent per year.