The Protection Buffer


It can be very worrying if your cash flow is stretched and there are mortgage payments to be made, but it doesn't have to be that way.

A ‘Protection Buffer' can be a valuable tool to ensure you and your property make it through any difficult times. The beauty of it is, it doesn't cost you anything until you use it.

A ‘Protection Buffer' is a loan facility secured against a property. These funds are not drawn down from the loan unless they are required and do not incur interest charges unless they are used.

This buffer can be used wherever cash flow is tight including if your income is temporarily reduced through:

  • unemployment
  • market conditions
  • parenthood
  • increased interest rates and resulting
  • pressure on mortgage payments
  • reduced or compromised rental income, or
  • unexpected costs.

NZINVEST can assist you in setting up a Protection Buffer, just contact us