What our clients say


We have had the pleasure of working with some inspirational clients who have been kind enough to share their NZINVEST experience us. Here are some of their comments.


Four years and  six months ago we immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa.We were introduced to NZINVEST and with their assistance we were fully invested within three months.During the last four years NZ Invest managed our rental properties and assisted us with our companies tax as well as our personal tax.Cathy and I would like to thank NZINVEST for the effective and efficient services rendered.We have no hesitation in recommending NZINVEST.

Kind regards

Daan Viljoen.


 “I would like to thank you and all the staff at NZINVEST for the way they have all assisted Patricia and myself to successfully complete the purchase of our 3rd property from your company. When we bought our 1st rental property 12 years ago, the process was fairly simple but today with all the security required to protect ones finances we would have been all at sea without a paddle, but thanks the staff at NZINVEST the transaction was completed in full and on time.”

 Once again,

Many thanks

Andrew Fraser

Eight years ago, I was working hard trying to pay off one mortgage thinking I had done reasonably well. I then worked with NZINVEST and my life changed completely, I learnt about leveraging, tax benefits and how to increase wealth substantially. Now I manage my own property portfolio worth $2 million and only wish I had done this sooner."

Having done things the hard way on my own with my first investment property, it was great to have NZINVEST manage all the work this time. The company has saved me time, money and energy whilst reducing the risk and general decision-making process. I was impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and credibility. I'm now looking forward to purchasing my next property with the company."

I had thought that purchasing a property was somehow unaffordable and had always rented. With NZINVEST that idea was changed and I have now bought my first investment property and have put very little down for it compared to buying and living in a home where everything is 100 percent payable. In this way I can work abroad and have no real financial commitments whilst benefiting from the growing value of the property. This is what you call the smart way of investing in property and I intend to continue this process."

We approached NZINVEST after hearing about them on NewsTalk ZB. After having an interview, and given good financial advice, we were shown some properties, we purchased three. It was a totally painless process, which put our minds at ease.
We would recommend NZINVEST to anyone who owns their own home and wants to secure their future. Nice people, all were very helpful and caring, no pressures, nothing was too much trouble. Thank you once again NZINVEST."

We were uncertain as to the location and type of property we wanted to invest in, but found we were provided with numerous options. We were taken through inspections and descriptions & evaluation of each and assisted fully with professional advice which aided us in making our final decision. Even now with the ongoing property management of the said property, they continue to work on our behalf. We found the fact that they provide a total service, to be invaluable.

The time we saved in being able to use their experts and the effort that each of the individuals provided made the purchase an easy one. We would not hesitate in referring their services to others."

NZINVEST has helped to provide me with the tools I need in order to become as successful in retirement as I can be. From our first meeting until today, NZINVEST has kept my best interests in mind and made me aware of up and coming opportunities and also risks. I feel that NZINVEST pulls off hassle-free investing with a level of panache not often seen by corporate firms. This is not only reinforced by the ability to have all of their services available at your fingertips but also to have the freedom to pick and choose."

I couldn't be happier with how smoothly NZINVEST handled everything. NZINVEST has not only provided me with the utmost level of service for something as intensive as property investment, but has also helped me to learn how to become a successful investor. I now feel confident enough to reinvest. In my opinion, NZINVEST lives up to its promise of offering a secure retirement plan designed specifically for me. Their flexible approach and ‘one size doesn't fit all' gives me peace of mind in the market of today. "

NZINVEST offers a professional and effective way to secure your retirement. For me, the professionalism displayed together with the ability to bring matters to an understandable level is essential. NZINVEST pulls this mix of knowledge and understanding client's needs off very well, I am most pleased with NZINVEST."

NZINVEST provides a personal approach to its clients. I know who I deal with during each step of the process and can easily contact them to answer my queries. NZINVEST are helpful and quick to respond when there are things I need assistance with.

I am very happy with the amount of contact that I receive and seeing the size that NZINVEST has grown to, it's wonderful to see them taking time to talk to the little people and not forgetting their roots. I feel well taken care of."


Property investments are not free from risk. Returns are not guaranteed. Seek professional advice before investing. A disclosure statement is available, on request and free of charge.