Our commitment to you


These are our commitments to our customers.

1.  Respect

We recognise the importance of the trust our clients place in us and the seriousness of your decision to start preparing for your future. We will offer you courtesy and respect in all of our dealings with you.

2.  Knowledge

We will provide you with professional and knowledgeable staff that can apply their expertise within the bounds of the Financial Advisors Act, to ensure your journey with us is a satisfying one.

3.  Transparency

We understand that the purchasing process is involved and requires making many decisions. If you decide to purchase an investmetn property through NZINVEST you can be assured of our commitment to proactive, clear, concise and accurate communication.

4.  Personalised service

We committed to providing you with service that is based on your personal needs, aspirations and profile.

5.  Privacy

All confidential information provided to us will be treated appropriately.

6.  Accountability

We know that having reliable staff for you to contact is important. Our aim is to provide you with continuity; including coordinating meetings, documentation and approvals, on your behalf.

7.  Flexibility

We offer you the use of our services under one roof for your convenience; however it is your choice whether you use them or use your own suppliers.

8.  Correct structuring

We are committed to structuring your property, finance and insurances to minimise risks and maximise benefits.

9.  Honesty

We commit ourselves to being honest at all times. This includes keeping you informed of progress and any issues that may arise and seeking answers to your queries.

10.  Communication

We understand your desire to be involved and kept informed of progress on your investment property. So, we commit ourselves to proactive communication. We expect our staff to provide clear timelines and communicate any delays and will ensure you have a key contact to answer any queries you have.

11.  Complaints resolution

You can expect any concerns, problems or complaints to be resolved quickly and in an open and honest manner. We will provide you with fair opportunity to discuss your issues. To allow us to deal with complaints properly, we request that complaints are submitted in writing.

12.  Quality

We are committed to the quality of our products and our advice and to improving the effectiveness of our systems and processes on an ongoing basis.

13.  Listening

Satisfied customers are our primary goal and we welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers. We strive to continually improve what we do and encourage your feedback.