Financial Advisers Act


Financial Advisers Act


The team at NZINVEST fully supports the implementation of the Financial Advisers Act (2008).

We believe that as a result of this regulation, the quality and transparency of Financial Services in New Zealand will continue to improve. This in turn will better assist clients to make decisions on how, when and where, to invest their money.

At NZINVEST, our Mortgage and Insurance Advisers are all Registered Financial Advisers (RFA's) as required under the Act.


As part of our work in assisting you to acquire a portfolio of rental properties, our team will:

  • explain how our company operates
  • provide you with information about property investment concepts, and
  • data on the historic performance of the New Zealand property market.
  • assist you to determine the expected returns from a property purchase.


We are not able to:

  • Give you advice or an opinion on any other types of investment (eg: shares, securities, derivatives or managed funds)
  • Give you advice on syndicated property investments


Irrespective of whether you deal with one specialist department at NZINVEST, or all of them, our team all possess the appropriate qualifications, accreditations, registration and experience to help you along the path of successful property investment. We are a member of an approved alternative dispute resolution scheme ( who can assist you with a complaint regarding our compliance under the Financial Advisors Act, as well as any complaints outside of this legislation. If you feel at any time that we are not meeting your expectations, please contact our office or email

We encourage you to understand your rights under the Financial Advisers Act. Please visit for more information.



Complaints process


If you have a complaint or concern about your experience with us, please contact us so we can resolve it.

We have an extensive in-house complaint resolution process that overseen by our management team. If not resolved, is referred to New Zealands largest conflict management specialist company (Fairway Resolution)

When you contact us about your complaint or concern we promise to:

  • deal with it in strict confidence
  • address it promptly and objectively


You can make a complaint online, call or email us.

Your complaint should include the following information:

Your name, contact details (phone or email address or mailing address) so we can respond to you directly, details about your complaint and if possible, who you dealt with.

We will acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days and try to respond to your complaint ten working days from acknowledgement.

Some complaints are more complex than others, which means investigations may take a bit longer. In such cases, it may take up to 21 days to resolve your complaint. We will let you know when this is the case.

We will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome of your complaint. However, if you are not satisfied we will escalate the matter to our appointed Resolution specialist (Fairway Resoution)

Questions regarding NZINVEST compliance under the Financial Advisors Act or any complaints/feedback should be attentioned to:



Disclosure of Additional Information

You will deal with several different teams as part of our suite of professional services. Complaints regarding finance, insurance or financial planning are covered by the Financial Advisors Act, and may be referred to our Disputes Resolution Scheme.

Our DRS may not be able to address concerns specifically relating to property sales. For more information, please contact our internal complaints scheme.