What you can expect from NZINVEST


As a client of NZINVEST you can expect to receive professional, factual information and well-founded advice from qualified and experienced professionals.

We believe in open and regular communication. Our Customer Care team aims to maintain contact with our clients to review their satisfaction and to determine if we can be of further assistance.  We believe it's important to review your plan regularly and aim to maintain lifelong relationships with our clients, working closely with them to help adapt their plans over time as their circumstances change.

We believe that an investment property should be a solution, not a burden, so we aim to customise our property solutions to suit our clients' personal needs, aspirations and risk profiles. We provide a full suite of professional services under one roof, and offer you the flexibility to use our services individually or as a convenient package. 

We are committed to providing property services that are: 

  • Cost effective
  • Affordable
  • Effectively structured
  • Transparent
  • Long term
  • Based on our clients' personal needs, aspirations and risk profiles.